Chapalas Restaurant Review


Brooklyn Dayley

Inside the restaurant Chapalas

Brooklyn Dayley, Reporter

I drove to Chapalas for dinner with my family on a Wednesday night. As soon as we stepped out of the car we were instantly filled with the smell of burritos, guacamole, and much more. We were greeted by a very friendly staff. Chapalas is a very Mexican themed restaurant and some nights has a Mexican singer named Eric. He works at Chapalas and sings in English and Spanish to get extra tips. He also sings multiple different genres.

I know one of the co-owners very well. His name is Raul Cardenas, he and his family is from Mexico. He travels back to Mexico annually.  I am good friends with one of his sons. They always treat me and my family like family.

I go to Chapalas quite often and I decided to get something I don’t usually get. I got a Burrito Mexicano which was filled with beef and beans and is covered in enchilada sauce. Its also comes with sour cream and cheese but I am lactose intolerant so I choose not to get it with dairy. My meal was delicious. I was very pleased with my food. It filled me up and was just all around very good.

If you like a fun dinner with nice waitstaff and a tasty entrees then Chapalas is the place you should go. Everytime I go to this specific restaurant I am always blown away by the fantastic food. Chapalas is located 117 W Burnside Ave; Pocatello, Idaho 83202. They don’t do delivery.