Trump creates crisis with Iran


The White House

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

Emillio Velasquez and Pricilla Castro

  The assassination of Qasem Soleimani done by U.S. president Donald Trump has caused even more tension with the U.S. and Iran what is yet to come? What does Donald Trump think on the whole situation?

  Well it seems that he really doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Trump said, “It doesn’t really matter because of his horrible past.” Because Qasem had killed many of his own civilians with proxy forces, he thinks this justifies murdering their general leader.

  Trump says that his actions were justified, he believes that the iranian leader caused an “Imminent threat” but still has no real evidence to back his statements up.

  What was Iran’s reaction to the everything? What was the cost of President Donald Trump’s actions?

  “Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at U.S. troops in Iran in retaliation for the U.S. drone strike that killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani.” States Jonathan hoffman.

  The Iranian community is heartbroken by the death of their General Leader Qasem Soleimani. The Iranian government says they will come back with retaliation. 

  There’s been a lot of tension between the U.S. and the Iranian government for years, because of everything that has happened will this possibly start a war? 

  Aaron David Miller noted “The inconsistency and vulnerability of the trump administration’s policies toward both Iran and Iraq. Like a modern-day Gulliver, President Trump is metaphorically wandering around a Middle East where he’d rather not be, tied up both by smaller powers whose interests are not his own – and by America’s illusions about the region, perpetuated by Trump who somehow believes he can force Iran to bend to his will.” 

  Assassination is not legal even if you think it’s in self defense you have to know that’s the law. American officials said it was okay that trump pulled this stunt because he thought that Soleimani was planning attacks, but legal experts have questioned his actions and he still has yet to give them real proof on the subject. Trump assassinated one of their “Great” leaders for what seems to be no reason, there will be retaliation and there is a possibility of a war.

  What’s the thoughts and reactions of U.S and local citizens to this situation?

  Mary Ellen O’Connell states, “Trump is not the first president to carry out drone assassinations in violation of international law, but has taken the practice to a new level of lawlessness.” 

  Trump has no viable defense on why he assassinated Qasem, it makes him look more and more guilty and he knows this and he still hasn’t put out any evidence on why he has done this states, states the press. 

  Whats are past with Iran and how is this going to affect us, is this going to change the trade between Iran and the U.S.? 

  Iran is third in the world for reserves of oil and gas states this is going to affect us heavily we won’t be able to function without gas and oil. 

  How does Iran and the U.S want to resolve this situation? Is there going to be a negotiation? or is there going to be a World War three?  

  Donald Trump wants to leave the middle East, Parsi told McClatchy News. “In reality, he may have just started another endless and unwinnable war and ensured that America will remain trapped in the Middle East for decades to come.” Trump has started something that didn’t need to be started and has raised tensions between countries.

  Iran wants to take revenge for who they have lost, they’ve already bombed us in Iran so now we don’t know what will happen in the U.S. , Iran and America have had tension for years now its just raised again. We have yet to see if we will get by this peaceably or if we will need to go to war.