Climate change creates Australian bush fires


Bianca Sturzaker

Ashlyn Gabbitas, reporter

Australia is having a large issue with wildfires many believe this is due to climate change/ global warming.

According to Science, the Australian fires are being fueled by the dead vegetation, along with January being Australia’s dry season and earths atmosphere over heating. states that climate change is caused by carbon dioxide being released into the air which heats the earth. When humans burn fossil fuels such as gasoline, coal, and oil carbon is produced. states that our planet can support another 2.2million acres of forests that is 25% more forest then we have now. Planting more than half a trillion trees could capture 205 gigatons of carbon, reducing 25% of carbon is enough to negate 20 years of human-produced carbon.

Sasson Saatchi, a senior scientist at Nasa jet propulsion laboratory, says “Planting more trees could still have a partial impact on our ability to reduce climate change” , but it will never be suitable for decreasing fossil fuel emission.

These losses are a part of a much bigger picture of a world where biodiversity is in a steep incline. Over 18 billion hectares and 5,900 buildings and over 2,800 homes have been burned down by the Australian bushfires, says over 480 million animals have died in the fires, more animal deaths are predicted in the coming weeks and months. According to, the Irwin family has saved over 90,000 animals including many injured from the Australian wildfires.

According to, at least 27 people have died due to the wildfires and many civilians have been getting sick due to smoke inhalation.