Journalism Club

Journalism is a fun class for people that like to write.


This is a photo of some of the journalism staff hard at work in the journalism room.

Dalton Derie, Club Editor

Do you like writing? Do you like being able to express your thoughts on paper? Do you like being able to write with full creativity? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then the journalism club is for you! There is an introduction class that you have to take that will teach you all the basics of journalism. After that you have the option to take the newspaper production class. Both of these classes involve a lot of writing. In the first class you follow a certain schedule. You still write an article every week, but they are typically based on a category. For example, one week you will write a review about a movie or restaurant. The second class, newspaper production, is a lot more flexible. You get to write whatever you want every week. This allows you to really embrace the creative writing.

One student rated the class as a 2/10. “The class can be difficult to keep up on. The way I see it, it isn’t a core class and so I find it difficult to stay motivated enough to do all the work needed. I would recommend it, but it just isn’t my favorite class.”

Another student rated the class as 9/10. “I think that the class is a lot of fun and I really enjoy being able to freely write. It also provides a lot of other opportunities such as being able to go on out of state trips for competitions. This class helped me feel more confident in my writing.”

Journalism is not for everyone, but even if you are unsure about taking it, the entire staff recommends at least trying the first class, to see if it is really something that you would enjoy.