The NorthGate Development Slows School Traffic

What exactly is the road being closed for and for how much longer?


Debbie Greco

Construction on the NorthGate Development is still continuing as more vehicles and workers appear at the site.

Sarah Bounmixay, Editor in Chief

During the first few weeks of school, there has been an annoying problem for Highland students. The roads leading around the Portneuf Complex Center. East Chubbuck Road and Olympus Drive have been blocked over the summer and leading into the school. Since the road is closed, many students and even teachers have to use alternate routes to reach school on time. It raises the question, what exactly is the road being closed for and for how much longer?

The land reserved between the Complex Center and I-15, Veterans Memorial Highway, has endured six years into hard planning and what is to be placed there. Ever since then reports of a futuristic Pocatello appeared in the news. A project later named the NorthGate Development, Pocatello’s first gated city, supported and planned by Bannock County, Pocatello and Chubbuck with the Idaho Transportation Department and Millennial Development Corporation. The NorthGate Development is expected to bring thousands of jobs and homes into Pocatello. With ideas of advanced modern homes, open areas for walking and enjoyment, and stores and restaurants that Pocatello would not usually have. The plan for this development has been broken into multiple different phases meaning the project will keep the roads blocked for most of the school year. The mayor promised the roads for the development will be ready and used by December. So far, 4.6 million dollars have been funded to the project. Board Chairman Jerry Whitehead comments on the raised budget being, “The state is paying a quarter of a dollar.”

Many people are happy with the plan to add such a futuristic city within a city. If you want to find out more, you can visit a website dedicated to the project: