Humans of Highland

By Staci Chandler

Highland High School is full of many diverse students and staff members each of which has their own story. One of which students is senior Toby Harding. Harding has attended Highland since his freshman year and has enjoyed his time here. Harding flips houses during the summer and had some very interesting encounters, two of which included moving dead bodies.

“On day one of a flip, we got there and ended having to carry out a dead body to the cops,” said Harding.

Harding also acquired a car from a foreclosed house that he was working on. The car is a 2000 Taurus and much to Harding’s displeasure did not come with a full tank of gas, or any gas for that matter.

For fun, Harding races his friends and even now the car has yet to fail his need for speed.

“I always win at races and no one driving my car should win because it’s a piece of crap,” stated Harding.

Driving the car of someone who has died brings with it the superstition that the car is haunted by the dead person’s spirit.

“I definitely think that it’s haunted, but not in a bad way,” said Harding.

Despite the disbelief among his friends, Harding is very certain that his car is haunted.