Humans of Highland

By Staci Chandler

Music has always been apart of junior Jaysten Harris’ life. He admired music so much that throughout his youth he started making his own music. Growing up on the reservation Harris learned from an early age the reputation earned by the families who are from native culture. Living with this rep, Harris learned first hand that his culture isn’t all the awful things its made out to be.

“My native culture is made out to be full or drug dealers and gang bangers, and not all of us are like that,” said Harris.

He first decided he would start writing his own music after thinking about how he could send a positive message to people, one to say “Hey we aren’t all bad.”

“I finally put two and two together around 6th grade, that’s when I decided to start writing music,” said Harris.

Harris raps and sings to help little kids growing up with the bad reputation see that you don’t have to be what society says. Push the boundaries of stereotypes and be who you want to be.

Harris plans on making albums and handing them out around town and around the school to share his music with us. He also hopes to get his music on to Sound Cloud eventually.