Do Highland students need more sleep?

stressing over her alarms for school, Brooklyn Dayley (10) somehow makes it to school on time everyday.

Jane Palmer

stressing over her alarms for school, Brooklyn Dayley (10) somehow makes it to school on time everyday.

Jane Palmer, Reporter

An article from sleep foundation says, “Research tells us that later sleep and wake patterns among adolescents are biologically determined; the natural tendency for teenagers is to stay up late at night and wake up later in the morning. Even with compelling research, changing school start times can be challenging for school districts. Administrators have to delay busing schedules. Coaches worry about scheduling practices and many parents rely on the current start times for reasons such as childcare or carpools.”

Sleep Foundation also states that the consequences of sleep deprivation during the teenage years are particularly serious.

In an article from Sleep Foundation “delaying school start times” it states that there are more cons than pros with delaying school start times. Transportation, after school activities, other students and programs, reduced time to access public resources, teachers, stress for families, uneducated community, and resistance of students.

What would happen if school start times didn’t change? If school start times stayed the same then, after school activities, sports, and clubs will not be affected. Parents/guardians won’t have to worry about how their kids will get home, or what time their kids will get home. Also, buses will not have to change their schedules. But students grades and attendance will most likely not improve.

I think that Highlands start time is at the perfect time of day. I think that if Highland changed their start times, that sports, and after school clubs and activities will be pushed back later into the night and parents will worry about when their children might get home. Students will get more sleep if school started later but school will also end later and that affects bus schedules, and carpooling parents/guardians. If Highland didn’t change the start times then activities will end at a good time, and students still get a good night’s sleep if they go to bed at a reasonable time.