Girls basketball learns from losses


Emmalynn Packard

Shondlin Farmer guarding the ball against Madison player

Emillio Velasquez and Pricilla Castro

The Highland High school girls 2019-2020 basketball team’s season has been off to a rocky start, and the girls are still excited and enjoy the game. 

“I’ve been playing since I was five, we all hate losing but it makes the whole team work harder as a whole.” says freshman Khalia Pongah, player on varsity team. “We’re gonna try our best to win every game but I think it’s more about having fun and bonding with the team.”

The team wanted to work as hard as they could to win every game.

“I’ve been playing since I was little, and it’s a little disappointing when we lose, but the best part about the whole thing is having fun. It’s really tough to lose games, it’s disappointing, but it definitely makes us think about what we have to do and makes us all work harder.” says  sophomore Kayzee Vaughn.

Freshman Ry’Esha Running Horse says she has been playing basket ball since she was young and she watches videos before a game to help prepare herself.  “Watching film really helps, or just seeing how girls older than us in college, to watch how they play really helps and gives you ideas.”

Haili Austin explained that in order to feel more prepared for her games she “eats healthy, listen to music to focus my mind on the game”

“I try to eat healthy and stay fit during the season it helps out a lot to put good stuff in your body before all the hard work.”

Pongah explains how the team feels after a winning night of basketball “Everything is a lot more fun when we win, makes us feel like are hard work is really paying off. I love making the coaches happy, it definitely makes practice a lot more fun later on!”

She also says that her favorite thing about the season that makes all the hard work worth it is “playing with team mates” and creating bonds with others. She also says that seeing their work pay off is really satisfying.