Most installed apps of 2019


Google Play and App Store logos.

The tops apps of 2019 vary from streaming services to mobile games, here are the most installed games on Google Play (In no particular order).

  • Tik Tok is a video streaming service that has over 1.2 billion installations and over 500 million monthly visits.
  • Call of Duty: Mobile is a mobile version of the award winning video game franchise Call of Duty.
  • Disney+ is an app that provides any TV shows or movies from Disney.
  • Google Maps is a service from Google which provides a map and directions for anywhere.
  • Glitch Video Effects is a video editing application that lets you put filters over your videos.
  • Ablo is a video chat software that allows you to communicate with random people from around the world.

The top apps on iOS:

The most installed apps of 2019 on the App Store include video services, games, and cameras:

  • Spectre Camera is an app that allows you to take a long exposure shot with your camera if it’s on a tripod
  • Tik Tok is an app that allows you to record yourself with an audio overlay.
  • Apple Arcade Games is an application that grants access to over 100 games with a subscription.
  • Disney+ is a service provided by Disney which allows you to access any videos from them.
  • Apple TV allows you to see videos, movies, TV shows, and video games.
  • Harry Potter:Wizards Unite is an AR game similar to Pokemon Go that puts J.K Rowling’s world into ours.
  • Craigslist is an online Classifieds network, you can put resumes, gigs, jobs, or things for sale on it.

Bryce Marley, grade 10, says that he has Tik Tok, which he rates 5/10, and Disney+, which he rates 10/10. Ayla Lake, grade 9, says she has Disney+ and Tik Tok, which she both gives an 8/10. Debbie Greco, our 1st hour teacher, says that she has Google Maps, which she rates 9/10 because it doesn’t always get her to the right places, Disney+, which she rates 8/10, and Apple TV which she gives a 10/10.