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Darneal Browning, reporter

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On November 3, 2020  the voters will will be able to vote on candidate that will be about to elect a new leader of the United States of America, also the 2020 election will bring out some new candidates from the two major political parties, 4 from Republican party and 3 from the Democratic party, these 4 are the main candidates people been talking about or heard of.

Elizabeth Warren is a 70 year old female democrat, senator from Massachusetts and former Harvard professor  Warren has said “It’s time for woman to go to Washington and fix our broken government, and that includes a woman on top”. Warren has speaking frequently about needing for a “big, structural change,” has have released a wide range of detailed plans that together have a potential to reshape the economy.

Pete Buttigieg is a 37 year male democrat, mayor of South Bend and a Military veteran, that said “Running for office is an act of hope. You don’t do it unless you think the pulleys and levers of our government can be used and if necessary  redesigned to make the life of this nation better for us all.” Buttigieg is the youngest candidate in the presidential field, says he would be a bridge to a new era of American politics, also he was the first candidate to push the idea of adding increasing the number of seats on the supreme court and has also proven to be one of the most formidable fund raisers in the race, collecting more money in the campaign’s second quarter than everyone else.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. is a 77 year old male democrat, the former vice president and former senator of Delaware. Biden has said “If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch that happen.” Biden has ran for president two times before, is known for his down to earth personality and his ability to connect with working-class voters and Regards 2020 as his last chance to run for president.

Bernie Sanders is a 78 year old male democrat, senator from Vermont; former congressman. Sanders said, “The only way we will win this election and create a government and an economy that works for all is with a grassroots movement the likes of which has never been seen in American history.” Bernie is a self described democratic socialist, that has brought progressive proposals like medicare for all and tuition free public college to the forefront of the race, was a runner-up in the 2016 Democratic primary.

Donald Trump is a 73 year old male Republican, Former President of the US, real estate developer, reality TV Star. Trump said “Considering that we have done more than any administration in the first two years, this should be easy. More great things now in the works!” Trump main legislative accomplishment as president a sweeping tax cut that chiefly benefited corporations and wealthy investors, has been focused on undoing the policies of the Obama administration, including on the Health care, environmental regulation and immigration.

Joe Walsh is a 58 year old male Republican, conservative radio show host, former congressman from Illinois. Walsh said “We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit, to be president and it stuns me that nobody stepped up. Walsh rode the Tea Party wave to Congress in 2010 and served one term in the house, staunchly supported Trump in 2016 “because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton,” but has since broken with the president, Has called Mr. Obama a Muslim and a traitor though he later said he regretted for what he said.

William F. Weld is a 74 year old male Republican, Former governor of Massachusetts, former federal prosecutor. Weld said “I hope to see the Republican Party assume once again the mantle of being the party of Lincoln.” Weld ran for vice president on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2016, is exploring a primary challenge to Trump, presenting himself as a voice for alienated moderates and mainstream conservatives, emerged as a vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 election, saying his called to deported immigrants evoked Kristallnacht.

Teachers here at Highland High School wilde said that the Democrats should stop attacking Trump with their comments but still should instead elect a young strong leader. If Trump would be re-elected then thing will be hard on him and everyone else.

A another Teacher here at Highland Fleischmann said; its important to look at the candidate before you are gonna vote for them, its important for us the voters to vote why? causes its exiting and fun.

Again one more Teacher here at Highland Goddard, said that both Democratic and Republican party need to compromise and that the democrats need to be clear about there messages.

Voters will be able to vote on a candidate on November 3 which will be turned in on December 14, 2020, then will either elect a new president and vice president or re-elect the same incumbents.