Mock Trial Club

The Mock Trail club is a fun club for those who have an interest in law.


This is an example of a courtroom. This is typically what they will look like in competitions.

Dalton Derie, Club Editor

The Mock Trial club is one of the many unknown clubs in the school. They meet every Tuesday in room B4. The club objective is to read over an assigned case, give off roles to the team members, and act it out like it is a real court session. It is a good introduction to law and it mixes in acting as well. At competitions, you are either an attorney or a witness and sometimes both! If you are a witness, all you have to do is understand your characters testimony and be able to answer questions that attorneys ask. As an attorney, you have to know the entire case very well and be able to ask questions to help your side. Then you will take all of these rolls to competitions. There you will be mixed around and different attorneys will ask different witnesses questions and the whole thing will be judged. The judge is there to assign points to the teams that do things very well and to declare an overall winner. You can get points for things like good acting as a witness or elaborate questions as an attorney. Like any competition, the goal is to get the most points for your team. That is why it is crucial to know the case as well as possible. The Mock Trial club is a lot of fun and it is a good way to get a better understanding of law and interact with cool people.