Students race the mountains


Zoe Christensen

Zoe Christensen overlooking Pebble Creek on her snowboard

Savannah Hirsch, Editor

Highland students like to take advantage of having a ski resort in town. Pebble ski area is a popular place for kids to practice their ski and snowboard abilities. The beginning of January is when most people hit the slopes considering that its usually snowed a few inches at the beginning of winter. Some other popular ski resorts people at highland enjoy are Grand Targhee, Sun Valley, and Jackson.

Zoe Christensen, senior, likes to snowboard at pebble creek alone or with her younger sister. “I use to ski since I was 4 years old but I switched to boarding freshman year”. Zoe describes that her life is “very competitive” which makes boarding so much fun for her since she can enjoy the sport for herself.

Piper Jones, Junior, snowboards, she can also ski but she claims to not enjoy it very much. When she lived in Utah she enjoyed skiing at Snow Basin. Since she has moved to Idaho she skis at Pebble Creek. “my board is named Winter Stick and it shreds mountains like pieces of paper”, she named her snowboard “Winter Stick” because the patterns and colors on it remind her of a stick of gum.

Piper decided to snowbowboard after she decided that skiing was to difficult and complicated for her, her mom asked her to try out the sport when she was 11 years old. She kept up with the sport because  its a lot of fun and “it’s like you’re flying” she says.