Rewinding 2019

Olivia Gummersall, Reporter

The start of the 2019-2020 year has been “great” as principle Wallace says. From the first day of school to Christmas break, the school year has gone by fast with a lot already happening. Especially when 420 freshmen joined Highland, the biggest class out of the four years right now.

Aside from the first day of school, Homecoming was a big aspect of the schools 2019 year. Although there was thievery, it was a great way for students to relax during the back to school months.

The football season ended with only one loss and a proud coach, despite not making it to state. Sports wasn’t the only category we’ve excelled in last year, the drama department’s year was full of improvement Jade West mentioned.

At the years start you could watch the first production put on by highland in 2019. However, that show came and went so fast it’s fortunate that another production is now being worked on. Jade Steed, sophomore, got cast as Mama Mia’s lead role, Sophie. She said “At the beginning of the year I didn’t even receive a part. I was just put on tech crew, so getting the lead in Mama Mia felt pretty good. I think most of the people who tried out put a lot of work into the musical, so it’s coming along pretty well.” With that being said it sounds like the musical is coming along great and definitely worth seeing.

Also on the list of Highlands 2019 moments is the social media assembly Highland got to participate in. The “In Real Life” (IRL) talk was presented by Collin Kartchner, and he told about the negative effects of social media, phones, and advancing technology in general. At the end of the assembly students were deleting apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter due to Collin’s inspiration.

One of the last activities of the decade for HHS was the dating game. Widely promoted, the dating was a fundraiser for a Sub for Santa program, put on by the student government. The dating game exceeded their monetary goal and had fun while doing it. Both students who watched, and students who participated got to enjoy a few laughs on stage and off.

Then onto Christmas break, Highland High School students and got a break from the all the excitement of 2019. And now we wish the best of luck to everyone in 2020, Happy New Year!