Student Teacher Bonds


brooklyn dayley

Standing together Emalee Hunt(12) and librarian Melissa Neilson pose for a picture.

Brooklyn Dayley, Reporter

There are many teachers in this school, and most students tend to have a teacher they hang around. Emalee Hunt(12) and the librarian have a special bond.

“I met Emalee because she was my student aid,” said Librarian Melissa Neilson.

Last year when Kelsie died Hunt really struggled and talked to Neilson about it and they started to bond over personal struggles and mental health problems. Then over Christmas break, the two became friends over social media and from then on have stayed friends.

“I think me and Emalee will stay friends after she graduates because I want to check in on her and care about her as a person. I want to make sure she’s doing good in college and life,” said Neilson.