Hunger spreads across Highland for Christmas desserts

picture of recipe from Delish.

picture of recipe from Delish.

Jane Palmer, Reporter

Mrs. Jenkins, a teacher at Highland says, “My favorite desserts are fudge with walnuts, and any berry desserts, but as I’m getting older I am not that into desserts anymore. I want to watch my health.” According to her, she thinks the most popular dessert is cookies, the least popular is fruit cake.

A poll asking, “Do You Like Fruit Cake?” 53% (33 votes) said that they have never tried it, 31% (19 votes) said no, they don’t like fruit cake, and 16% (10 votes) said yes, they do like fruit cake.

David Perez, a freshman at Highland says, “I come from different ethnicities, so my favorite Mexican dessert would be Dan Dulce, which translates to sweet bread, it’s so good especially homemade by my grandma. My favorite American dessert would have to be cherry pie, not pumpkin because pumpkin pie is for Thanksgiving, but cherry pie is perfect for the Christmas season.” To him the most popular Christmas dessert is any kind of cobbler, and the least popular is fruit cake.

Mr. Hebdon, a math teacher at Highland, says,  “My favorite would have to be caramel or fudge, and my least favorite, would have to be fruit cake.” The most popular is fruit cake and the least popular would have to be fruit cake Mr. Hebdon thinks. Kateri Edmo, a freshman at Highland,  thinks the same and says, “Sugar cookies are good, and cherry pie has to be the nastiest thing ever.” Fruit cake has to be the most popular, and and the least popular according to Kateri Edmo.

For a good recipe go to Delish to make some Peanut Butter Blossoms!