Highland’s basketball team’s crumbling defense

Highland's basketball team's crumbling defense

Emma McInelly and Olivia Gummersall

The last varsity game at Ridgeline ended with Highland behind by fifteen points. This makes a third lost to Highlands’ varsity boys basketball team to now Ridgeline, Boise, and Borah.

When asked what his team needed to improved on, their coach Ty Pearson said, “Play better defense, the defense hasn’t been very good.” Coach Pearson thinks at some times his defense plays well but as of right now it needs improvement, and then that will change the way their team plays. Coach Pearson goes on to say, “The couple games we won we played pretty hard, and the ones we didn’t we didn’t play as hard as we needed to.” Another factor of three to two loose-win ratio is how early it is in the season. “It’s early in the season so I think just play with more effort.”

The coach says his best defense players are Cooper Duffin, Easton Durham and Jayden Bell. For their next game the team knows they need to play better defense like the coach says. From the point of view of a defensive player himself the problem is seen different, communication might be what’s actually needed among the players. “I think we need to have better communication, the whole team.” Jayden said “If the team makes communication and effort the number one priority during games, they might take more wins.” Jayden also added that communication was needed for their next game against Post Falls.

“Post Falls is probably the best team in the state.” Pearson stated. Pearson thinks other than communication and effort a last factor may be seasonal illnesses going around. “Plus we got some kids that are sick. So hopefully they can get healthy and get over that crap that’s going around, that’ll help.”

Seasonal illnesses are not only very impactful, but seem to be affecting the players on our team, and how well boys varsity are doing. Overall, the players need to put in more effort and use more communication, relieving themselves of sicknesses optimistically. Only then we will be able to continue the season right.