Student athletes sign with colleges


Travis Bell

After signing to play baseball for Lower Columbia, Dylan Jester poses with his family for a photo.

Brooklyn Dayley and Dominique Farmer

Signing to a college is a big step to the next level in high school students’ lives. highland high school has had multiple students sign to a college. These signings are normally held in the media center.

“ I signed to Walla Walla Washington community college because I really love the coaching there, he’s super committed to his girls, and the teams super cool and the campus is awesome, it’s super close together. I signed to Walla for softball,” Makayia Anderson(12) said.

Dylan Jester(12) singed to a college himself not too long ago (Tuesday, 17, 2019). He signed to lower Columbia college. He picked lower Columbia because “ It was a good opportunity for me to pursue my baseball career and the coaches made me feel wanted, it’s like a home away from home,” Jester said. Jester said he is excited about college. 

“I’m so excited for college, I can’t wait. I feel like it’s the next level and I’ve wanted to go to the next level for as long as I can remember,” Makayia Anderson said.

Signing to a college is a big deal. It’s the next level.