Highland wrestling team excited for next match


Brooklyn Dayley

Highland wrestler on top of Blackfoot wrestler during their first match, 4th of December.

A wrestling match is coming up and the wrestlers are getting ready. As they prepare for the matches, we asked some wrestlers questions about their excitement and if they think they’re going to win. 

Treagan Watson thinks so, stating, “We have a solid team, and a really good line up! I love the challenge that the sport presents, it makes it all worth it.” 

We asked all the wrestlers how excited they all are for the start of the season and second match.

Caesar Weed says, “It’s a really fun sport, I’m excited and ready to grapple. It’s cool winning, but I have a lot of fun with my brothers off and on the mat anyways.”

We asked the wrestler’s what makes it worth it why do they choose to wrestle.

Kael Cordingly quotes, “Winning the match and having fun doing it, sometimes you get hungry for it when you’re away for a while, it’s a lot of fun once you get it down! It’s a demanding sport and it takes a lot of discipline but it’s all worth it when you get your hand raised.”

“On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for the season?”

Andrew Morrison answered, “10 out of 10 this is my favorite time of year!”

Treagan Watson agreed with his peer with, “10 out of 10 this is my senior season and I’m trying to make it worth it. It’s such an adrenaline filled sport, it’s very exhilarating and exciting you get really into it when you’re rooting for someone.” 

What is the most important part about this sport?

Ryan hall, “Have fun and try your best, I practice hard and work on the mat. This sport teaches kids discipline and humility, how to have fun and work hard at the same  time this sport is definitely worth it.”

This season is just starting and it’s going to be a lot of fun with this seasons 2019 team, they are ready to rumble!