Vaping infiltrates the school

Three mg nicotine vape juice

Jane Palmer

Three mg nicotine vape juice

Teens in schools today are having “fun” with vapes and e-cigarettes. They will find ways to get so called “hits” in the middle of school. They vape in the bathrooms that don’t get used as often as the others. They will secretly take hits and blow it out into their sweatshirts in the middle of class.

Principal Wallace says that, “Last year we collected over $5,000 worth of vapes and vape products.” According to the Principle, this year they have collected about $200 worth of vapes and vape products so far.

Spencer Nelson, a freshman at Highland, says, “I think it’s stupid. You want a healthy lifestyle to play sports, you don’t want to be dying out on the field.”

In Idaho 10,200 high school students smoke/vape, that’s 12.2% of the high school population.

According to the Real Cost 3 out of 4 teens who think they’ll stop smoking/vaping, won’t. Nicotine changes the way your brain works and develops, and also makes stress/anxiety worse. The benefits of not smoking according to the Real Cost are: less stress, avoid early wrinkles, lungs can reach full potential, more money/less in debt, staying in control of body functions.

Female freshman 1 says, “Vaping will lead to smoking cigarettes.” She knows it is harmful but is very addicted to the nicotine the vape provides. “When I don’t have nicotine I feel sick and my anxiety is heightened,” she says. According to the anonymous female freshman she enjoys vaping for many reasons, one of them being the “nic-highs” or nicotine highs. She says that she has been vaping since she was ten years old, and has realized that it has given her suppressed breathing.

According to the Real Cost smoking/vaping can take away: fresh breath, white teeth, healthy lungs, strong immune system, many years of your life.

Female Freshman 2, who has been pressured, says, “I think it’s trash, I don’t get why people do it.” Her experience of being pressured was awkward because you feel like you have to do it, according to female freshman 2.

By Ayla Lake

According to Truth#Finishit it says, “E-liquid in vaporizers contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin-based liquid with nicotine, flavoring, and other chemicals and metals.”

It also states that, “Vaping increases risk of gum disease. The nicotine from vaping causes gum inflammation and swelling. Swollen gums combined with dry mouth increases bacteria in the mouth, and bleeding gums.”

Female Freshman 3 says, “It’s stupid, and harmful. It gets you high and you shouldn’t do it.”

According to female freshman 3 she started when she was ten years old, and most of her friends vape.

Project Filter says, “When vaping, nicotine is highly addictive and can slow brain development in teens and affects memory, concentration, learning, self-control, attention, and mood. and can increase the risk of other addictions later in life.”

The Officer Stapleton, the Resource Officer here at Highland, says, “It’s not the worst thing ever, but it still isn’t healthy.” His job here at Highland is to keep everyone safe, according to him.

He also said, “I spend a lot of time just finding and confiscating students vapes when I could be using more time to do more ‘criminal work’ instead of taking vapes and vape products.”

According to Officer Stapleton, we are finding marijuana more on students than vapes so far this year.

“I want to see a decrease in vapes, and vape products this year, than last year.” Officer Stapleton said.

“They’ll go anywhere (to vape), the bathrooms, parking lot, and they’ll even go off campus because they know I look for them.”

Most students, who don’t know what vape/vape juice smells like, so they just assume when they walk into a bathroom or walk down the halls that someone sprayed either perfume, air freshener, or cologne.

It’s not just in certain places, in certain parts of the world, it’s everywhere!