How to…(buy and display an American flag)

One of the most famous symbols of our great country is the American flag.many people want to show their pride but either they don’t know how to buy or properly display their flag. The importance and reverence that needs to be displayed to the flag is actually pretty easy. just make sure if you have any questions come in to room c43 our go to

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Buying the flag is really easy, if you want an expensive full size flag you can go to If you just want a little relatively cheap flag you can go to amazon or if you display it over a street the stars must be facing north to an east west street or east on a north south street. You must make sure you don’t have the flag touch anything. You have to make sure you don’t ever use it for decorations. if you want to use the colors for decorations get a fake flag or just use a canvas to paint the flag.