Dating game raises money for charity


brooklyn dayley

Laughing at the other contestants answers Kassia Shokes(11) waits for her turn to answer during the dating game.

The Dating game is a charity event that Highland High School puts on to help the less fortunate during the Christmas time. Student Government set up in the auditorium on December 4th at 7:30. The Dating game is where a single person goes up on stage and picks out of 3-4 contestants to go on a date with.

“My favorite part of the night was seeing everyone laugh,” Cameron Leavitt (10) said.

Carson King said that he thought a dating game would be a good and fun charity for the school.

“It was so fun being up there. Hearing the other people up there was hilarious. I didn’t wanna do it at first, but I was persuaded to go up,” Kassia Shokes (12) said.

Makayla Mauger (12) said she liked the person she chose because they were friends.

“I didn’t like that I could not hear the contestants very well but, I had to just keep going,” Mauger said.