El Herradero, the best street tacos out there

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First off I would just like to give it a five out five stars, this is hands down the best street tacos out there. Its quick and cheap if your staying and if your just going to one of there trucks its maximum a five minute wait, its great. Even if you go to one of there two locations located at 123 Jefferson ave. or 445 N Arthur ave. in Pocatello Idaho. Other people have rated this fives stars as well such as Mr.Hebdon who said “I think it’s really good”. All in all I would rate El Herradero 4.5 out of 5 star and I don’t give it the full five stars is because when every I go in to get some of Pocatello best tacos it feels like im going to slip on there floors, it feels like it’s either really greasy or wet.

445 N Arthur ave. The first El Herradero restaurant made