Daunte Escalera, Always Changing


Debbie Greco

Posing for his newspaper staff photo, Daunte Escalera, sophomore, waits behind the school in the cold and wind for the camera to click at the beginning of second trimester.

Moving three times and going to seven different schools, freshman Daunte Escalera traveled between Pocatello and Blackfoot all through 1st and 9th-grade years because of the divorce of his parents.

“I never really lived with my dad; I was usually with my mom,” Escalera said.

He recalls the hardest part was having to leave his friends behind. However, Escalera said it wasn’t too hard to make friends because he’s a very social person.

“I didn’t really like it. I wanted to stay where I was,” he stated.

Although only moving three times, he went to seven different schools in total. Most of the moving was when he was in elementary school and seven schools, in nine years.

Luckily after enrolling at Highland, Escalera believes that he’s here to stay; his family likes where they’re at. Thanks to the change now Daunte has made groups of friends from many schools around South East Idaho.

It’s hard to remember his friends from elementary school, especially because none of them had a phone, including him, to keep in contact with each other.

Now Daunte plays saxophone for Gem State Honor Band after a typical day at his permanent high school, HHS.