Dominique Farmer falls from horse


Dominique Farmer, sophomore, sprained her wrist in fifth grade after falling off of a horse in a field by her house. 

“Falling off of the horse hurt really bad.” Dominique said. Scared and confused she ran to her mother for help.

Dominique’s parents took her to the hospital to get her wrist checked. The doctors say that she would never be able to use it again.

“Her wrist and joints were broken completely. She shouldn’t use it for a few years at least.” Doctor Jace says.

“Her wrist started to swell up so bad it looked like it could burst!” Dominiques parents say.

“It was a terrifying experience, I even told myself that I wouldn’t try to get on a horse ever again.” Dominique said.

Later, after seven years, she gets on Acer; a beautiful black horse. Acer was the one she fell off of before. After another year past Dominique is now an expert at riding Acer.

“I’m so glad that I can ride him now, it’s so much easier.” Dominique said. She is now okay with riding horses and her wrist is now fully healed.