Junior rehabilitates 25 Different Animals, Will Schwindt


Rescuing animals over the last fourteen years, Will Schwindt, a 16-year-old junior at Highland High School, owns property in Idaho directly for helping animals.

“Way too many,” Schwindt said in regard to his number of animals.

Helping a total of 25 animals of different species Schwindt moved from out of the country and moved to Pocatello, Idaho excited to not be able to clean up after all the birds he has.

“It’s more of a chore”, according to Schwindt.

He has thirty-foot mues to hold the larger wild birds, such as his Barn Owl, Red-Tailed Hawk, etc. He has to chop up gophers, that he gets from local farms and his backyard, to feed to the birds.

He has an overweight 4-5 pound possum, which is a “garbage disposal” Schwindt says. He feeds his possum absolutely anything that is edible.

He also has a cockatoo, 4 geckos, a snake, 5 tarantulas, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 6 beta fish.

A Junior at Highland High School, Will Schwindt, plans to keep the rehabilitation center going, which is one of only two in the state of Idaho.