The Attendance Intervention for Highland

The new levels of consequence and punishment for tardiness have students in anger and confusion.


Being on time to school can be difficult, especially with winter coming closer than expected.

Tardies and absences have taken a new turn on Highland High School and other schools in District 25, causing a stir among the students about attending school. The key number is the eighth absence, where a student loses credit and is unenrolled from their most missed class or classes. Many are worried they will receive community service and lose their credits for their classes. However, it differs for ages and grades in District 25.

Tardiness is executed the same on all grades and ages in Highland. First and second tardies issue warnings to the student about being late through teachers and automated messages on the phone. By the third and fourth tardy the student is given more notifications of missing school and is assigned community service, which you have to check in through the school administrator. Five tardies and more start to count as absences and truancy for the class the student has excessive tardies in.

Once a truancy is reached, again, you get multiple warnings. Second truancy a student is given more warnings and will either be placed in Friday Nigh School or Community Service by school administration. The third truancy is full of final warnings of losing credits and being unenrolled from missed class/classes. They also have to fill, submit, and follow the criteria of an appeal within five days. If not done and the student has reached a fourth truancy and more they lose credit and are unenrolled from those missed classes. If they happen to be fifteen years and younger they will be referred the School Resource Officer for a citation of habitual truancy.

In absences students are treated differently by age more. Students of all ages in the secondary level are given a total of five absences with no consequences. The sixth and seventh absence all students are given warnings about missing school and the possibility of losing credits, but those that are fifteen and younger may be referred to Friday Night School or other school consequences. By the eighth absence the students are notified for loss of credit. Fifteen and younger students will be referred to the School Resource Officer, may be still required to attend class and referred to the District Disciplinary Review Committee, or might be unenrolled from the class. Sixteen and older students are unenrolled from their missed class/classes, no longer have credit from those classes, and are required to be off campus while pending an administrative appeal.

Below is appeal form for attendance/loss of credit: