The DMV app prepares students for the driver’s tests

It's a driving practice test app that helps people to pass there driving tests.

Kiana Grover

It’s a driving practice test app that helps people to pass there driving tests.

The DMV app is helping students prepare for their driver’s tests.

When you get onto this app you have multiple categories you can pick to take tests in. You can then open a category and it has a whole bunch of different levels each harder than the last. It doesn’t have very many settings but some things you can do include choosing if you want timed questions, choosing what questions to review more than others, choosing if it gives you reminders to study and if it shows you the correct answer when you get it wrong. The app is very straightforward but can seem almost too simple with little else you can do other than just test.

Kiana Grover
Test questions on the DMV app to give an example of questions you might see.
Some things that are good about this app is that it can help you learn from your mistakes on previous practice tests, it’s free, you can pick your state, you can have it send reminders and it has real questions you could see on your actual test. These features make the app a lot easier to focus on the important things for the test and being able to pick your state makes it so that you can have the correct laws no matter where you live. The app can also send you a reminder which can be helpful if you have a hard time remembering to study.
Things that would make this app better is if it had an attention-grabbing icon if it had some games or a more fun way to help you learn and if it had more settings. This app is good for some basic learning of the tests but it doesn’t do much more. It would be a lot better if it had other games or just other activities you could do. Like there really is not any fun customization you can do or hidden features, it’s all just pretty boring.
Some similar apps to this include Quizlet and DMV Prep-All U.S. States. The DMV and DMV Prep are very similar apps but one main difference is that DMV Prep is for iPhones and DMV is for androids. Also, DMV Prep has a few more settings and more practice levels then what DMV app has.
Quizlet can also be pretty similar by being able to test your knowledge with driving questions. But Quizlet uses more flashcards and games instead of multiple-choice tests, unlike both DMV apps.

Alyssa Doucette, Josh Grover, and Eli Parrish said that they thought this app would be helpful. But Josh Grover said he probably would not use the app because he used other ways to learn that worked great for the test.

The DMV test is very helpful, but it can be improved in some ways. Overall this app will help you prepare for the test. As many students say they didn’t use an app to prepare but would have if they knew there was one.