Students should get involved in local politics.

Caleb Ramsey, Reporter

Students need to interact more in local politics. According to several polls, concern for political issues is on the rise. Many students are getting increased concern for big national politics, but not as many feel the same way about local politics. Local politics can have a very large impact on your life just like national politics.

Mayors have a large impact on your life, and it is important to understand what they do. According to the National League of Cities, there are two different types of mayors. There are strong mayors and weak mayors. The names are not a judgment on how effective they are, but they are a term for how much influence a mayor has. Strong mayors are the chief executive power on the city council. The mayor appoints and removes heads of administrations, and has the power to veto. Weak mayors, on the other hand, have a more powerful city council. The mayor cannot veto and can be prevented by the council from effectively supervising city administration. Either type has an influence on your life.

The mayor has a vast influence on your life. He picks the police superintendent, affecting how the police are run. He promotes the city as a good place to live and work. This affects your neighbors and how effectively the city economy runs. He also invites corporations and businesses to move their headquarters here. This doesn’t happen much in Pocatello, however.

Like I said before, there is a rise in student interest and activism when it comes to politics.  On March 14, 2018, a student walkout was organized to protest gun violence. A survey was conducted in which seventy-six percent of students said that they feel more interested in politics then they did two years ago. Another poll showed that forty-six percent of teenagers thought they could have a moderate impact on the government. The same poll was conducted two months earlier when only thirty-seven percent of students felt they could make a moderate impact on the government.

In conclusion, high school students should be involved in local politics. Local politics influence your lives in tremendous ways, such as the police, local taxes, and many other things. That is why high school students need to be involved in local politics.