Marching Band Wins the Entire Season

Amanda Smith, Tanner Mulkay, Amber Asper, and _____ at the Mt. Tippanogous marching band competition.

Alexis Williams

Amanda Smith, Tanner Mulkay, Amber Asper, and _____ at the Mt. Tippanogous marching band competition.

Alexis Williams

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The marching band has accomplished something truly amazing for the first time in a long while, by landing in first place in every competition on the 4A division with their show called Order and Chaos. It was a very unexpected and exciting recognition to happen for all of the marching band members, and they were very happy and proud that all of the hard work they put into making this performance was worth it.

The 1st place sweeps were especially rewarding for the seniors, as through all of the years they have been in the marching band, this has never happened to them. Trenton Brown, one of the seniors in the marching band stated, “I was very proud of the composition, and I think the brass played in a huge role in it.”

When to prepare for the competition, in order to make the performance as good as possible, the band had to practice for three weeks in the summer, one week in June that goes from eight a.m. to three p.m., and two weeks in August from seven a.m to four p.m.. The band also had to practice on zero-hour on school days for two months. It was very difficult for most of the band, but with the help of the section leaders, staff, and drum majors, they managed to peruse through it and when competitions came around, it became a lot easier for the band, and they felt more confident. Some members such as Tyylar Sautner, and Riley Haggard, Trenton Brown, and Deisey Escalara didn’t think that they were going to good at first at the beginning of the season, due to how complex the drill was.

Everyone also had a really fun time in the marching band, as they enjoyed going to competitions, and after they do there performance, they also get to watch the other high school bands perform. The band members also enjoy eating the food, hanging out with friends, and riding on the band bus. Almost everyone in the marching band says that even though the practices can be really hard, once competitions come around, its a lot more fun and exciting.

Even though the band did great on the field, sometimes some members believed that they should’ve done better while they had the chance. Whether it would be a mistake they did during a performance, felt they should have been more positive, or felt like they haven’t practiced enough, there were always some doubts that the members had, but they tried not to worry about it and to make sure they were happy and had a good time.

Riley Haggard, the mellophone section leader said that he thinks he should’ve been a better leader.

The season overall did really great and even with the occasional bump in the road, they still played almost every performance with confidence and pride. There might be a possibility that the marching band will do even better next season.