Maleficent: Mistress of Evil wows us with a thrilling experience

We rate this movie four out of five stars.

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Cortnie Hulse, June Johnson, and Lilly Merrill

Disney’s newest movie of 2019, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, captivated us with a strong storyline and loveable characters. With many contrasting characters, it was clear to us that each individual had their own strong personality, each with their own beliefs. 

The main characters this movie focused on were all strong-willed and determined by their own different goals. These goals created tension and eventually led to a battle between different characters.

The storyline held with a strong plot, although at times it seemed predictable. To make up for it, Disney always threw in a twist to keep the audience guessing. There were many foreshadowed events that weren’t obvious at first glance but ended up making sense later on in the film. It made sense with the first plot of the first Maleficent movie and kept the story from that movie going.

While the story was strong, the scenery completely improved the movie experience. Each of the scenes gave life to the movie and was full of whimsy which made us feel like part of the movie. It gave us an overall feeling of awe throughout the film. At times it felt almost too realistic, to the point where it probably isn’t appropriate for young audience members. We would recommend the film for ages eight and up.

 This movie reminded us of the magical aspect of Harry Potter and the realisticness of the live-action Beauty and the Beast.

Although the movie had several dark twists, the overall feeling of this movie ended on a happier note. Throughout her challenges and trials, Maleficent, although the mistress of evil, was able to find peace and happiness in a lot of what she did. The people and creatures around her helped her through her inner battles with herself.

Some people could relate to Maleficent in the way that she had beliefs that held her back from doing what helped others. She held a battle within herself that was accompanied with the battles around her. She had the love from her friends and human daughter, which in the end, helped her come to a solution to her problems.

Overall, we recommend this movie to everyone who enjoys fantasy and adventures with many twists throughout. We felt the Maleficent movie was a winner. Although some parts were cliché and predictable, it was an extraordinary movie.

June Johnson