Gaming Club meets in room C40

Shelton Germain and Hunter Merzlock

“Gaming Club is a good way to put energy into and be productive with people,” Mr. Dave Hopwood said. Games that the gaming club plays include Minecraft, Red Alert, and retro games Terria and Minecraft. The gaming club has a variety of different consoles such as The Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Mr.Hopwood doesn’t really plan on changing the club at all, but he and Mr. Kevin Chatfield are trying to get an E-sports club so they can go to competitions with other big schools such as the Boise high schools, but their main problem is they would have to choose what console they would rather play on and what console the kids in the club preferred.

For the E-sport team, if Mr.Hopwood gets the team they will hopefully add these games- Apex legends and CSGO and hopefully, they will get other games started as well.

The gaming club is open for games on Wednesday and Friday before school and at lunch. It is a great way to spend energy and be productive instead of vandalizing and other stupid stuff go play some games and have fun.