Principal Wallace spices up announcements


In his office, Principal Wallace talks about the fan club bus to Coeur D'alene for the varsity football semifinals playoff game during morning announcements. Photo by Isa Van Pelt.

Cadence Andrus and Isa VanPelt

Principal Wallace inspires controversial opinions in regards to his new morning announcements. It might be the awkwardly long pause between “please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance” and “ready begin.” Or it might be the completion of the announcements, only for Wallace to come back on with “and another thing…”

Last year RamTV was a part of most first hour classes, providing Highland news, weather, and lunch schedules. Many were surprised when this year, on the first day of school we weren’t greeted by RamTV’s upbeat theme song for announcements and were instead addressed by Principal Wallace.

This year Highland attendees receive their morning announcements by Wallace’s intercom report which has brought about mixed opinions. “I love Mr. Wallace, but I don’t love the announcements,¨ says Assistant Principal Steve Morton. 

Wallace’s quirky start to our school day leaves most people with either loving the announcements or hating them.

RamTV stopped their daily video production after their equipment was taken away. They hope to start doing weekly broadcasts, but it seems that Wallace will continue to do the daily ones.

Now, those that used to be a part of the RamTV staff are in the video broadcasting class.

“We have RamTV for the arts. I personally would love to have more classes for the arts at Highland. Specifically for screenplay, film theory, film production, and have a whole film festival for RamTV and the cinematic arts,” says Mr. Ritcher the broadcasting teacher. 

Assistant Principal Morton says that he loved RamTV because it was a great way to get students involved. He says that he much prefers RamTV or at least Wallace on RamTV.

Broadcasting student Lexi Babb says, “I don’t hate them, but maybe only do them once a week.” 

With nothing against Principal Wallace, it seems that the majority of students and faculty at Highland miss the school installment. Surprisingly, Mr. Ritcher feels that Wallace’s take on the daily occurrence wasn’t a step up or down from RamTV. Maybe it’s the missing iconic decade thought, or maybe it’s just not the same as what the student body is used to, but it seems that Wallace has room for improvement in the eyes of most Highland Rams.