Bret Scherer: join choir because it’s cool

Taija Delacour, Marissa Soto, and Maria Fuentes

Sully Brimhall and Anjelica Nelson answer a question for us.

Monday, November 11, there was a choir concert that happened after school.

Taylor Hiller has been in choir in middle school and as a sophomore here. Her favorite part about the choir is how you can meet new people.

Emily Knotkick’s favorite parts are the concerts because they can showcase all their hard work. Some of the songs that they sang during the concert were “Dies Irae,” “Everything that Hath Breath,” “Loch Lomond,” “We are One,” “Sing me to Heaven,” and “Brave.”

Mr. Scherer said that the choir concert last night was “furbulent,” and on a scale of one to ten it was an 8.11. He also said, “they need to sing better.”

“Brave was the best song that they sang,” Scherer said.

Scherer’s own favorite choir memory is singing in a choir in Brazil.

Scherer explains that his best supporters are students because they show up. His advice to people wanting to join the choir is to sing, sing, sing.

In December, they are going to Salt Lake to sing at the capital building.

The next choir concert is on December 18 at 7:30. Bret Scherer said he became a choir teacher because “I got lost on my way to medical school and ended up in the music department building.”

Maria Fuentes 
At the choir concert on Monday, the men sing “Tell my father.”