Come and Join the Anime club.



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Alexis Williams, Reporter

On Every Wednesday the anime club, ran by Mr. Sanford, will hold their meetings during lunch, and anyone is invited to come, sit back, talk to some people, and watch some anime. The club watches anime mostly, but on rare occasions, they will do other activities that embrace the parts of Japanese culture, such as Japanese cooking, and art, but anime is what they really focus on. Skyler  South, the club leader, states that his favorite part of the club is hanging out and watching something that he isn’t normally able to watch.

The club was first founded by Mr. Lake, and he ran it for a couple of years. But he was only teaching part-time, so he passed it to Mr. TJSanford, and now he runs the club to this day. Mr. Lake has had a heavy involvement in Japanese culture, since he has Japanese inheritance, and he wanted to create an anime club so students can be more familiar with anime, since at the time anime wasn’t as nearly wide-spread, or mainstream as it is now. It is most likely a Highland exclusive club, but there are probably other high schools with an anime club as well.

So far, there are usually four to eight people who periodically arrive at the club that depending on what anime is streaming. A majority of the anime’s do have to be family-friendly though since it has to be school safe.  “In school, in order to keep things appropriate, we primarily focus on Studio Ghibli movies, which are roughly the equivalent to Disney films among anime. They are for a reasonably younger audience, but the storylines are great, and the animations are gorgeous, so they’re really enjoyable for people of all ages,” states Mr. Sanford.

Mr. Sanford also says that he isn’t a big fan of anime, but he still enjoys the club regardless of that, and he recommends the club to anyone who is interested. Anyone can stop by during lunch on Wednesday whenever they want, and it can make for an easy source of entertainment.