Cookie Club learns life skills


The members of the Cookie Club are learning responsibilities that could help them in life.

The stations for making cookies in cookie club

Ms. Nester explained how Cookie club was created. “I read it in one of the Special Ed teacher magazines about a class that was doing this and how they were making it and so I got the idea from there, plus I was looking for something more in order to teach vocational skills and money skills.” 

Ms. Nester said we try and meet once a week to make the cookies. Then we usually sell them at the end of the second hour and the first part of the third hour to the administration that wants cookies.

“I set it up so that it could be like work experience for students so that they can make cookies once a week and they do it in stations so it’s like you work at a bakery,” said Ms. Nester.

She also talked about the three different stations the members work at. 

The first station is where the cookie dough is made. The second station is where they place the cookie dough on the cookie sheet. The last station is where the cookies are baked and put on a  plate to be given to the teachers.

When Mr. Rose was asked about his understanding of the Cookie club, “I understand that it’s helping the ERR students learn some life skills so that they can be productive when they get out of high school.” Mr. Rose tries to buy cookies at least once a month. 

Mr. Rose said the different types of cookies they make are chocolate chip, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip with a chocolate base. ”I’ve seen red velvet, they’ve had lemon cookies.” He also said that they change it up week to week for the administration.

Ms. Nester told us that each cookie is 25 cents per cookie. The Cookie club has been here for three years now. The members sell the cookies to the teachers. She sent out emails to all the administration to tell them when they can order and receive the cookies.

There are 17 to 19 members of the Cookie club depending on the day of the week. Tausa Burrup and Kay Woolstenhulme enjoy making cookies in a big group. When Tausa and Kay, members of Cookie club, were asked what their favorite part of Cookie club was, they said, “Just making mix and cooking it, eating it.”