The Recycling Club builds work skills

The Recycling Club builds work skills

Gideon Hauser and Caleb Ramsey

Over in room E46, students and their teacher, Ms. Nester, gather for the club. Recycling club is a club designed to help gain work skills and take care of school recycling. You’re welcome, janitors.

The Recycling Club takes teacher’s recycling and then sorts it. They take the aluminum cans out to crush. Then they sell the aluminum.

These 18 students help the janitors with their job. According to Ms. Nester, the main goal is to teach valuable work skills to students. Along with building work skills, it provides a place to make friends.

They meet almost every day, but only go out weekly. This way the recycling can fill up. When they take it out, they get the most out of it because it has waited for them.

The club is there to make the school a better place. They also raise money. It also reduces the amount of trash in the ocean.

The club meets in room e46. So basically the Recycling Club is a place where you can gain work skills, gain friends, and can clean the ocean.