Thespian Society casts out its benefits


Jordan Mayo and Megan Bedell reenact the Thespian Society logo. Photo by Cadence Andrus

Cadence Andrus and Isa Van Pelt

Drama members that are part of Thespian Society represent the international club within our school.

Thespian society is a drama club that is implemented all around the world and drama director Alix Van Noy describes it as NHS for drama. At Highland, there are twenty-eight members who have all achieved twenty hours of being in a show, volunteering, or watching shows to become members.

 ” It started in the ’90s here but all the teachers that were apart of it just discontinued it. I started it back up because it was a big thing from the state I was from,” says Van Noy. 

Thespian Society offers scholarship opportunities and looks great on college applications as said by member Jordan Mayo, a tenth grader. Mayo really likes drama and says that an additional benefit is that it is a great place to meet new people.

The thespian society represents all students that are members by offering more than just acting. There is also acting, tech, makeup, and set design.

“It represents how big of a deal drama club is because it’s constantly growing,” says Mayo. 

Member and tenth grader Megan Bedell describes the members as expressive and strange in a good way. She says that Thespian society is just the celebration of drama.

Thespian society in cooperation with the Educational Theatre Association provides opportunities for students and teachers to grow. They provide hands-on instruction and performance opportunities for students.

The thespian society offers its own award called the Thespy that recognizes the highest level of achievement in a school theatre performance. Thespian members can compete together as a school.

“It’s really just getting together actors in highland, and getting together for competitions,” says Tristan Pinkerton. They offer competitions in many different events including duet acting, costume design, and many more.