BPA competes for a trip to D.C.

Marissa Soto, Maria Fuentes, and Taija Delacour

If you want to be an entrepreneur, BPA would be great for you. It explains what a business is and what you need to do to start a business and how you can make it grow.

BPA stands for Business Professionals Of America, and it is a Club that deals with photographing, broadcasting, and fundraisers. You deal with starting or learning how to start businesses. You sometimes have groups depending on what the job is.

The teacher that is running the club now is Ty Pearson. Abigail Paige is one of the students that joined BPA. “I would tell others to join if they would like to or are thinking about making their own business. Right now I am taking pictures of architectural buildings. I enjoy going and being a part of this club. It is teaching me new things.”

sophomore Payson Lucero joined because he was told to go as an editor in the yearbook. “If you join the club you will deal with fundraisers and compete in nationals. The fundraiser that we are working on now is, selling Fatboy ice cream.”

Nicole Hulse, one of the students that joined the club, was told about the club by Pearson when she took one of his classes. “After hearing about the club I got interested and decided to join.”

Ty Pearson the adviser of the club says that it’s a good thing to have on college applications. Pearson also teaches Web design; he can tell you anything you want to know about BPA.

Payson Luccero (10) poses for a picture. This is Luccero’s first year in BPA.