Thespian Society starts their first year at Highland

A new club has been introduced to the school this year called the Thespian Society. This is an international club that supports student actors and actresses across the world. “I joined Thespian Society because I wanted to be more involved in the art of drama. I don’t have room in my schedule to take the actual class, so joining the club allows me to have the same opportunities,” says Jordan Mayo (10), a member of the society. 

This club was first founded in 1929 by Dr. Paul Opp, Earnest Bavely and Harry Leaper. It is a nonprofit organization consisting of over 135,000 professional and student members. The Thespian Society honors and recognizes student accomplishments in theatre. This society also supports teachers with professional development, resources, and more. 

Out of the 135,000 participants around the world, 28 of those are here. Over two million students have been inducted since the founding in 1929 worldwide. “I enjoy hanging out with the kids in the club and I am loving getting to know them better,” says Cassandra Piquet (10), a member of the society. 

Our school’s presidency for the Thespian society is composed of Danica Taylor (12), the president, Destini McKee (12), is the Vice President. Sean Phinney (11), is the Secretary, Sophia Jaglowski (12), is the treasurer with Alexis Radford (12), the Historian. 

The Thespian Society here holds its meetings on Mondays at lunchtime. These meetings are mostly to discuss business. When they are not discussing business they play improv games for fun. 

The Thespian Society runs on a point system that awards students points according to what drama activities they participate in while they are in high school. The more points they earn, the more accolades they are awarded to put on their college applications. 

Each point is equivalent to two hours of drama participation. In order to join the club, you need to have ten points and an admission fee of $30.00.

June Johnson