Highland band preforms on monday


Caleb Ramsey, Reporter

     On Monday, November fourth, Highland concert, symphonic, and marching bands performed at Highland High school. This was the final marching band performance of the year. The marching band went first, then concert band, then symphonic. According to Ryan Schultz, a freshmen trombone player, he said that, other than a few slip-ups, the bands did very well. Travis Turner, another freshman trombone player in concert band, said something very similar, that it was overall pretty good, with some improvements that could be made.

The marching band and color guard perform on Monday

     Marching band, to prepare, met at six-thirty in the morning. Ryan Schultz said, “It was difficult at first, but after a while, I got used to it.” He also said that he very much enjoyed the marching band. He especially enjoyed competitions. The band excelled at these events, taking first in all of them. The color guard also performed with the marching band.

     Ryan said that he felt well prepared for the concert, as the band rehearsed well. The symphonic band played Havendance, by David R. Holsinger. After this, they played American Barndance, by Richard L. Saucedo, and finished with Pirates, by Travis J. Weller. The marching band performed Order and Chaos, by Alex Yode and Brandon Hansen. The songs that inspired the different sections were “It is well,” by Horatio Spafford and Philip Bliss, and “Medea’s dance of vengeance,” by Samuel Barber. The concert band played American College, arranged by Micheal Story, followed by Shenandoah, arranged by Frank Tichelli. They finished with Clash of the Ironclads, by James L. Hosay. The concert went for roughly an hour.