Thoughts of family while in juvenile detention

Taija Delacour, Reporter

A family member is the one out of the many people in your life who will always be there for you. They are the first people you turn to for help. Have you ever missed your family so much that when you finally see them, you tell them everything that you wouldn’t think you ever would tell them? Well, that’s what it’s like on visiting day at Juvenile Detention.

There are two days to see and visit your family, Wednesday and Sunday. You can see your family, on Wednesday, at 7:15 to 8:15, and on Sundays, from two to four. You can call them twice a week, but it’s not the same as seeing them in person. When you’re at Juvy, you start missing your family. Even the ones that annoy you! Weird, right?

Even though Juvy isn’t fun and it is somewhere you don’t want to be, you can look forward to visitation days. Even when there aren’t any visitation days, you have other activities, such as rec and leisure. During leisure, you can write letters to your family members and they will be sent off Tuesdays and Fridays.

There are days where you miss them so much and since you are in your cell for a while, it gives you time to think and sometimes your thoughts wander to your family. I know that there may be times when you just wish you were out, but let me tell you, but the more you think about it, the slower time goes. If you keep your mind off of it, by the time you realize what day it is, you might be getting out or going to court.

I’m hoping that when you get out, you will be happy to see your family again and that you will probably respect them more than you did before. You’ll understand that even after everything you’ve been through, that your family still loves you no matter what. Family is always there for you. They are who you should be turning to whenever you’re going through things and hardships in your life. They are there to help you become a better person and to understand that all these things in your life are to help you grow mentally, physically, and emotionally.