Juvenile Detention can put you back on track

Taija Delacour, Reporter

Juvenile District 6 isn’t as bad as everyone may think. Yeah, you go there when you make a huge and wrong mistake, but that’s life and you have to accept the consequences. Some may be from charges or from probation violations; such as having bad grades and not following rules. Juvy may be one of those consequences.

Even though you have a cell room, and you are a prisoner or resident, you also have some freedom, such as rec, leisure, and even school. When you first come in, depending on your time, you have to stay in your room for about 24 hours and during that time you have a pre-court hearing.

After you meet the judge, he tells you where and what you are going to be doing. For example, you might be moved to a rehab facility.

Rec is pretty much p.e. You exercise and then you play games, such as dodgeball. When it’s cold outside, you may come inside and play 4 square. Right! I know, you probably forgot about that game that we played in either 4th or 5th grade.

Of course, we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner (just putting that out there). For the school, it’s kinda the same thing, except that it’s not like your normal classroom. There are rules that apply, just like in our classrooms at Highland. School starts at 8:30 and ends around 3:00. We start our day with the pledge and work our way through everything we were doing in the classes at school. Except everyone here is different grades, meaning we work on it ourselves and if we need help then we ask.

We get two breaks, one in the morning, and one after lunch.  At like 7:00, we have leisure time, which is where you can either play games, 4 square, and you can write letters to your parents.

We have groups and we talk about why we are in here and what we can do to better ourselves. On Wednesdays and Sundays, our parents can come and visit us for a certain time. We can make two phone calls a week unless you are a level 4, then you can make three phone calls a week.

We all have different levels. There are four levels and they come with privileges. For example, when you first come in you start at a level 0. In order to go up a level, you have to pass the requirements for that level. You know exactly what level you are on by the shirts that they give you. Level zero and one are green shirts, level two is a light blue, level three is a dark blue shirt. If you get to level four, you can paint a brick, with the approval of the director. As I said, Juvy may seem bad and look bad, but it really isn’t if you do what needs to be done.