JV/Freshman Volleyball close out the season 6:3 and 6:6


Briley Anderson

JV Volleyball

As the volleyball season comes to an end, the statistics are finalized. Junior Varsity with a win/loss ratio of 6/3 and Freshman with 6/6. According to a few of the players on the teams, the top players on the Freshman team are Kassidy Dubbe, Alexis Jester, and Avery Lovett. The JV top players are Corinne Anderson, Marissa Mauger, and Drew Simmons.

All the players said that they thought the season went well. Alexis Jester stated, the team really grew together this season. Marissa Mauger said, as a team, they are really close and grew closer during the season. 

Let’s start off with the best and worst game of the Freshman volleyball season. Most of the Freshman team said the worst game was against Thunder Ridge. Avery Lovett said, “The worst game was to Thunder Ridge; we lost in three sets.” Their top games were against Thunder Ridge and Pocatello. When asked about the best game, Alexis Jester answered, “Probably against Thunder Ridge because they are a harder team.” Avery Lovett said she thought their top game was also against Pocatello. The reason being that Pocatello is a very tough competition and the Rams won in three sets.

Most Junior Varsity players said the worst game of the season was between Thunder Ridge and Canyon Ridge. The JV’s best game was another game against Thunder Ridge. When asked about the best and worst game of the season, Marissa Mauger (Junior Varsity), answered, “My top game would have to be against Thunder Ridge. It would have to be my top game because I performed better.” Also stating the worst game in her opinion was also against Thunder Ridge a different time they played against each other. Drew Simmons explained that her worst game was against Canyon Ridge because everyone fell apart and the team was not up to their level. She also said, “I’d say my best game was when we played Thunder Ridge for the first time. I felt like everyone was a team so it helped everyone have a good attitude.”