Varsity Football team has record-breaking season


Briley Anderson

Running Back Kaleb Demuzio (grade 11) catches the ball and rushes downfield to get a first down and more at the Black and Blue Bowl, the annual battle against Pocatello High School.

Records have been broken by the varsity football team this season. The team lost the game against Rigby that determined whether Highland would become district champions last Friday. Coach Gino Mariani said that the season has been going well so far, but they have had more injuries than normal the last few weeks. Kamaiah Olsen, a senior on the team “broke his hand. He had to have pins and a plate put into it, and he’s still playing with that now,” stated Coach Mariani. Losing Kamaiah was the one injury that affected the team the most.

They also had several more injuries throughout the last few weeks.  “It was kind of ‘next man up’ mentality,” Mariani said, “but it started to get thin a little bit. Football is a numbers game, the more numbers you have the better off you are.”

Although the team sustained several injuries, they also beat several records. “We had two rushing records,” Coach Mariani recalls,  “We got single game, as a team, rushing record. We rushed the five-yard six yards. We broke the old one of 497 which was set in 1975, which is kind of cool, and the other one was Kaleb Demuzio broke Troy Bell’s record.”  Both of those records were set when the varsity team was up against Century.

Breaking those records was one of Mariani’s favorite stories from the season. He also stated that his favorite game was “beating Coeur d’Alene in the dome. That’s a big rivalry for us. Kind of a measuring stick because they’re a very good program. So beating them in the dome was a big one for us.” Mariani believes this season has gone really well for the team.