Theft During the Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming dance took place on October 4th but while students were inside dancing, some cars were entered illegally and looted. While the cameras in the student parking lot were activated, no one was able to be detected. When asked about the thefts, vice-principal Bell commented: “We have no cameras in the back of the parking lot, it would help if there were more cameras or if we had better cameras.”

All students that have come forward saying their cars were entered, state that they hadn’t locked their doors, there was no forced entry.  Bell recommends that students should remember to lock their cars and keep valuables inside of the car, hidden.

Objects taken include wallets, phones, backpacks, and shoes among another thing, Hope Sondrini, Highland Junior and victim of the burglary gave her two cents expressing her desire for revenge on those “who took my stuff.” At this time there are no suspects as to who committed this crime, if you have any information, please speak to the resource officer on duty.

Michal Wilkinson
Students at the Highland high school homecoming dance.