Jv Soccer

Braylon Carson, Kira Venra, and Kaden Simmons

This year both of the girls and the boys Jv Soccer teams made it far into the district playoffs.

The girls team won the district playoffs and the boys team got second place.  Both teams feature many freshman players since there was no freshman team. They both said they had inspiring words from their coaches, and both of them won more then they lost.

The players talked about the relationships they built with teammates and coaches. One example would be Ruby Huerta. Her favorite part of playing was that “soccer is like a big family, so we  get together and have fun, and get to play a sport we all love.”

Parker Smith said his favorite part of soccer was”people really, and the experience you get by playing with them.”

Other players like Matthew Bounmixay said soccer is fun because he gets to play on a team, and Emma Crystal said her teammates were nice and supportive.

Kylie Porter also pointed out that soccer is about the friendships you make. Many of the Lady Rams mentioned how Riley Wardle had a great year.

Everyone spoke of their teammates and their coaches in a positive light. When asked about the coaching staff Ruby Huerta said, “Our coach is very fun, so it’s not like nobody wants to go to soccer, we all like to go.”

Kylie Porter likes her coach’s personality and said that she was fun to play under.

The boys were disappointed they only got second place, but they were still very happy about their season.