Let’s take a dive into the swim team


Evelynn Millward

The districts mixed swim team with Highland, Century, and Pocatello

Expert Advice Column: Gideon Hauser took references from enjoy-swimming.com

The three high school swim teams represent our whole district by practicing as one but competing separately.

Many don’t know that our high school’s swim team is actually part of a bigger, district-wide swim team. It consists of the three public high schools (in our district) that all practice together. While they compete separately and against each other teammate, Jordan Farnworth says that it is all friendly competition. “[Practices] are pretty intense, but fun.”

The Highland, Pocatello, and Century high school swim teams practice at Reed’s gym. Head coach Caven Homestead coaches a large group of swim students and splits them up into JV and Varsity for practice.

Sophomores Aliya Jordan and Sarah Buffington say that even though there are a lot of kids, there isn’t any conflict. “We all get along. It’s just fun.”

Many may wonder why the swim teams are combined into one district team for practices. Buffington and Jordan answer this for us by saying, “There are not enough people from each school, so there are separate teams.” While they are separated by schools they are all united by our district.

Farnworth describes a traditional competition as warming up, getting their events, playing, cooling down, and going home. There is a friendly competition between the three schools.