Gay straight alliance club welcomes LGBT+ students

The Gay-Straight Alliance is welcoming both LGBT+ students as well as their straight/cis allies. This isn’t to be confused with the human rights club, however. Vice president of the Gay Straight Alliance club, Dan Quayle, explained that “This focuses more on the LGBT part of human rights and it’s more of a safe haven than just talking about it. It’s a lot more education about the LGBT community and it is a support system for youth.” 

Many students wonder why a support system for the LGBT community would be necessary, like juniors Blake Galloway and Damon Roland don’t find it necessary for themselves, but they can see how other students would need it. Blake went as far as to say this shouldn’t be an issue, and that the school’s community should generally be more accepting. He commented on the fact that 14 posters were taken down in a span of two days.

“It requires more effort to take them down than to just walk past it if you don’t like it. What’s the point of taking down the poster? Like what, taking down the poster is gonna stop them from doing the club? I think it’s unnecessary.” 

Not too many students are educated on this subject enough to understand it, or even know what the club is. To combat this, vice president Dan Quayle plans to have an assembly of some kind; a way to educate the entire school on it and reduce the stigma that the subject has. This may even encourage more kids to join the club as a result.

The club also has all sorts of activities planned, such as going to Outer Limits and meeting up with fellow Gay-Straight Alliances at other high schools. They hang out with Century the most often during these types of events.

The way to join the club is to simply go to Mrs. Holston’s room, B19, every Tuesday at lunch. The Gay-Straight Alliance is also not just confined to gay/straight people. It also includes gender identity, and basically includes all of LGBTQ+, but GSA is the national term, so that’s used more often. The club hopes to provide a safe zone for anyone who might need it.