Lift your spirits with the Fright Night dance


Cortnie Hulse

Fright Night posters can be found throughout the hallways, giving students information about the dance.

Cortnie Hulse, June Johnson, and Jaylee Crum

Fright Night will help celebrate the spirit of Halloween by bringing the whole school together on Saturday October 26th. It will be hosted by the Lassies team to raise money for their team. A small portion of the money will also be used to create prizes for the dance. The Lassies will be dressing up as zombies and clowns to help feed the spirit of Halloween. “We’re going to have a contest for whoever has the best costume,” Taylor Crowder, head captain of the Lassies team, said. She said the winner of the contest will be receiving tickets to a movie or a gift card to a restaurant. They are rewarding students with the scariest and funniest costumes. There are no masks allowed for any of the costumes. 

The dance is open for all grades to come. “We thought it would be fun because the cheerleaders do the Snowball dance and freshman don’t really get to go to dances. So we thought it would be fun to let the whole school be able to go,” Amber Peck, a member of the Lassies dance team, said. Other Lassies’ members agree that it is a dance to get the whole school together. “None of the clubs are doing a dance… for Halloween,” stated Crowder. 

Tickets for Fright Night are sold at the door. It is three dollars for one person, five dollars for a couple. If you want to purchase a glow stick, it is an extra dollar. The dance will be held from eight to eleven pm. It is being held in Highland’s cafeteria. There are posters around the school with all the information you need to be able to go to this dance.

Cortnie Hulse and June Johnson